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Technology That Puts You In Control

Welcome to the future of radio trading. Utilising next generation proprietary technology, Radio Trading Desk is an automated cloud-based platform that enables any advertiser from any sector to quickly create an advertising campaign that best fits its marketing goals and budget.

  • Market Exchange Model

    Every week, hundreds of broadcasters’ available inventory is brought to Radio Trading Desk. Advertisers in market benefit from an automated reverse auction model, leading to low market prices.

  • Advanced Support

    The Radio Trading Desk team of specialists are on hand for training and support to help you set up the optimum campaign to maximise your results. We can also provide commercial production services at very low rates.

  • Unrivaled Value

    The Radio Trading Desk platform saves you the time of connecting and negotiating with broadcasters to get the best deals. Access stations from one dashboard, and make savings on direct rates by purchasing the stations unsold inventory at the last minute.

  • Control & Flexibility

    Our unique user friendly self-service platform means you set your campaign criteria based on your marketing needs, and you decide how often to advertise with no long term contracts.

  • Set Your Target Criteria

    Our platform allows you to select your campaign criteria including regions, stations, audience profile, dayparts, budgets, and maximum CPTs/costs.

  • Radio Stations Compete

    Every week broadcasters join an automated marketplace auction to sell their available inventory. This is actually a reverse auction model where the lowest prices win.

  • Your Campaign Goes Live

    Your activity is confirmed with final delivery and cost details. Radio Trading Desk handles all trafficking of your commercial. The radio stations run your commercials on air the following week.

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Additional Services

Let us connect you with cost-effective, best-in-class services.

  • Commercial Creation

    The Radio Trading Desk is pleased to offer you access to our in-house creative production company who is on hand for all your professional audio and production needs. Services include copywriting, voice talent, commercial production, podcasts, audiobooks and station imaging.

  • Scheduled Airtime

    For advertisers that need to be specific we also plan and buy bespoke airtime across micro, local, regional and national radio stations. Speak to our team of highly experienced radio specialists to accommodate your planning and buying needs.

  • Sponsorships & Promotions

    Radio offers a wide variety of advertising opportunities that go beyond the spot. Sponsor the traffic, weather, news, run on-air competitions, live promotions or themed content. We're specialists at integrating your brand into radio and understand how to engage listeners.

  • Digital Audio

    We can offer you access to additional advertising opportunities via online audio and music streaming platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud and Deezer. We also utilise DAX and inStream, available on talkSPORT, Absolute, Kiss, etc. as well as the feature rich UK Radioplayer apps and players.

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